Board Member Highlight

Pepsico -  PepsiCo, Inc. was established through a merger with Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. The new company reports sales of $510 million and has 19,000 employees. Major products of the new companies are:

Pepsi-Cola Company: Pepsi-Cola (formulated in 1898), Diet Pepsi (1964) and Mountain Dew (introduced by Tip Corporation in 1948).

Frito-Lay, Inc.: Fritos brand corn chips (created by Elmer Doolin in 1932), Lay's brand potato chips (created by Herman W. Lay in 1938), Cheetos brand cheese flavored snacks (1948), Ruffles brand potato chips (1958) and Rold Gold brand pretzels (acquired 1961)

Partner Highlight

Wintrust Community Banks - Wintrust became the bank that Chicagoans were and are looking for. Their banks are big enough to handle $50 million loans to local businesses, yet small enough to hand out cookies and coffee when you come in the bank, lollipops to kids, and even dog biscuits to "man's best friend".

They are large enough to handle the most complex Trust and Wealth Management issues or able to provide simple FREE checking accounts, and when you call, they answer the phone and know you by name. Whether your business needs to refinance its office building or your daughter needs a mortgage for her first home, Wintrust will get it done for you.